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Flat Tire Service San Antonio Tx

When you need tire repair service near you call EZ Lockout & Roadside Assistance to help with 24 Hour Flat Tire Repair Service.  Our team will travel to your location to change your flat tire with a spare tire.

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We Provide 24 Hour Flat Tire Service in San Antonio

Save Time

Save time by calling us to do the dirty work in changing your flat tire with your spare tire.

Easy Call

One call and our team is on the way to help with your flat tire.  That is an easy flat tire fix. 

Friendly Staff

Our tire service team is here to ensure that things runs smoothly. You’ll always find the help you need. 

Get Back On The Road

After we complete your tire service your ready to get back on the road.  Why wait?  Call us!

How Much Does Flat Tire Service Assistance Cost?

Flat tire service in San Antonio, Tx is $75.  Our tire service team in San Antonio, Tx will travel to your location.  Once at your location they will locate the spare tire, ensure it is road worthy, check the air pressure, and add air if neccessary.  The technician will then remove the flat tire and inspect the automobile for any damage.  If there is not any damage to prevent the tire change from safely taking place, the technician will install the spare tire and complete it by replacing the lugnuts for the wheel.
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